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Services SETA Quality Management Division provides quality education and training that meets sector needs, aiming to work together with other SETA’s, including the government in building a Services sector that supports growth both in rural and urban areas. The QMD aims to work effectively according to the aims of the SAQA and QCTO while working on how this division intends on implementing the objectives to meet the set national and Services SETA target and standards through quality assurance.

1.    Qualification & Learning Programmes Design (QLP)

The department is responsible for developing and designing Learning Programmes and also manages Legacy Qualifications.


2.    Accreditation of Training Providers

A process of which an institution, body or person is given formal recognition of their competence based on the criteria in terms of specific purpose.


3.    Quality Assurance of Learner Achievements (QALA)

The process of validating that the degree of competence specified in Accreditation is achieved in order for the learners to be certified.


4.    Provider Engagement, Assessment, Appeal and Governance (PEAAG)

The Department ensures that capacity building and the development of training providers is achieved to enable quality delivery of learning interventions.



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Services SETA Division

The Services SETA established provincial offices with the aim of decentralising its activities, as a platform for our member companies to easily access and participate in skill development initiatives and enable them to engage with us on a one-on-one basis regarding their respective industries.


Provincial offices are the implementation vehicles, which ensure that the Services SETA reaches its goals and targets as set out in the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS).



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