Services SETA Empowers People with Disabilities
The Services SETA partnered with Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) to implement the Graduates with Disability Internship programme in the North West Province. The aim of this initiative was to significantly open up skills training opportunities for people experiencing barriers to employment caused by various forms of physical and intellectual disability. The Services SETA is committed to closing the skills gap amongst persons with disabilities who are considered to be the most marginalised sector and disproportionally the poorest of the poor in our society.
The Strategic Plan of the Services SETA outlines specific interventions aimed at integrating and mainstreaming disability into the labour market through programmes that include a 4% disability quota in learning interventions as well as a focused allocation of bursaries for learners with disabilities. The North West Disability initiative saw 100 graduates with different types of placed on the 12 month internship programme in the public sector within the province. The Services SETA provided reasonable accommodation devices to the interns based on the assessments done by DPSA to help remove barriers to learning and improve their employability prospects.
The provincial departments that played a huge role in hosting the interns are:
·         Department of Agriculture - 17
·         Office of the Premier - 20
·         Department of Labour - 6
·         South African Social Security Agency - 27
·         Department of Social Development - 12
·         Department of Sports Arts and Culture - 13
The project was implemented successfully and following interns were employed permanently:
1.       Patrick Ntsela was employed permanently by The Department of Labour in January 2014.
2.       The Office of the Premier promised to employ Moipone Letlonkane on a permanent position should she have the right assistive devices and Services SETA stepped into help with buying of the devices to assist Moipone to achieve her dream of becoming a full time employee
The Services SETA would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Agriculture for a positive response towards this initiative not only did they volunteer in hosting these interns, they also realised their capabilities as well as their competencies in that they employed them permanently.
Below are some of the interns employed permanently by Department of Agriculture:
Thapelo Pheelwane,
Moses Abueng,
Mavis Mogorosi and
Andre Antonio.