Services SETA Employees Corporate Social Responsibility
C360_2014-07-18-13-17-27-836.jpgIn Making Every Day a Mandela Day, the Services SETA staff members visited the Twilight Children's Home in Hilbrow. Twilight Children's home is a shelter for boys from the ages of 8-18 years, and in an effort to keep the boys away from the streets the shelter runs programmes such as pottery, gardening, baking and sports.
On Friday 18 July 2014, the staff members arrived at the Home and introduced the organisation by song and prayer indicating the warmth and caring that it was brining. The glorious song encouraged the other organisations that were visiting to join in song; these include the likes of SA Post Office, SASSA and Liberty Life who had brought blankets and toiletries for the boys. Nothing is as exciting as food and that is what the Services SETA team had organised.
The team spent 67 minutes serving lunch (hot dogs, juice and fruits) to the boys. The lunch packs were sponsored by Services SETA employees who contributed the R 6, 70 cents. The boys showed so much gratitude and happiness to the team, it was a wonderful day indeed!