Chamber 1: Cleaning and hiring Services
Hiring Services
86025 Office machinery, equipment and rental leasing
50500 Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operators
85000 Renting of machinery and equipment, without operator and of personal and household
85200 Renting of other machinery and equipment
85300 Renting of personal and household goods n.e.c.
99029 Function and catering equipment hire
99035 Miscellaneous item hire
99036 Truck hire
99037 Video hire
99047 Pet care
99052 Truck and plant hire
Household Services
99025 Dry cleaning and laundering
99026 Garden maintenance services
Domestic services
99027 Domestic services
99002 General cleaning
99018 Cleaning of carpet and upholstery
99019 Cleaning equipment and consumable supply
Chamber 2: Communications and management services
9001 Marketing services
9002 Marketing communications (Incl Public relations)
9008 Direct Marketing
88130 Market research and public opinion polling
99038 Brand marketers
Call centres
99055 Call centre management of people
Postal services
75110 National postal activities
75111 Banking via post office
75121 Mail handling
Chamber 3: Labour and collective services
Labour recruitment Services
88918 Permanent employment agencies
88910 Labour recruitment and provision of staff
88916 Private employment agencies and temporary employment services
88917 Temporary employment services
Collective services
95120 Activities of professional organisations
95155 Professional bodies
95991 Bargaining councils and dispute resolution
95992 Associations, federations and umbrella bodies
Chamber 4: Management and business services
Business services
61421 Import and export of various metals
88000 Other business activities
88141 General consulting services
88900 Business activities n.e.c.
96490 Other recreational activities
99000 Other service activities
99014 Quality management and related services
99016 NGO management and services
99015 Non‐financial business management and management consulting
99090 Other service activities n.e.c.
Project management
99039 Generic project management
99055 Event and conference management excluding the operation of convention centres
99056 Event Management



Chamber 5: Personal care services
Hair care
99022 Ladies hair dressing
99023 Men’s and ladies hairdressing
Beauty treatment
99024 Beauty treatments
99041 Nail technology including nail technologist, nail technicians and distributors and agencies of nail products
99042 Non‐allied registered perfumery including aromatic oils and related products,perfumery consultants, sales people and agencies of nail products
99043 Health and skin care incl. health and skin care therapists, stress therapists and somatologists, slimming salons and distributors of slimming products including slimming machines
99044 Make-up artistry
99045 Personnel services agencies
99050 Distributors of slimming products including slimming machines
99051 Distributors of makeup products and related merchandise
Funeral services
34260 Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
99030 Funeral and related activities
99033 Coffin making by funeral enterprises
99046 Modelling agencies
99054 Fashion design not related to clothing
Chamber 6: Real estate and related services
Real estate services
50411 Decorators/interior designers and decorators
84000 Real estate activities
84100 Real estate activities with own or leased properties
84200 Real estate duties on a fee or contract basis
84201 Real estate valuation services
84202 Property management services
84203 Estate agencies
99053 Valuers, including auctioneers