Education and Training

What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

VET is education that prepares the trainee for jobs or careers at various levels – trade or craft. VET focuses on practical applications of skills learned and education in vocational schools is hands-on training. Vocational training is therefore a link between education and the working world.

Where can I get a VET Qualification?

VET Qualifications are offered at registered and accredited FET Colleges, private institutions and workplaces. Institutes of Technology also offer VET at a post-secondary level.

It is important to note that the content for VET programmes and qualifications is informed by relevant industries and not government or training institutions, making the progammes relevant to industry needs and fit-for-purpose.

What are the advantages of VET?

When VET candidates graduate, they are ready to take up skilled occupations because they have the skills needed to successfully perform at assigned tasks.

VET can be considered as an engine for economic growth as it is one of the most effective human resource development strategies. VET programmes begin at Level 1 (equivalent to Grade 9) and can be found at Level 10. Engineering via VET for instance starts with a National Certificate at Level 2 (equivalent to Grade 10) and can be sourced up to a National Degree at Level 8.

In addition to promoting economic growth, VET also promotes social inclusion. Young people can transition from school to the world of work through VET in order to become active participants in society as adults. Therefore VET is important in working against unemployment.

What opportunities can I explore after VET?

Because by the time you finish training you will have the experience needed to enter the workplace, a VET certificate speeds up your entry into the working world.

Also with a VET qualification there are endless opportunities to become an entrepreneur in your field of expertise.

VET in the services sector or service oriented occupations

ü  Business Administration

ü  Beauty, Hairdressing and cosmetology

ü  Funeral Services

ü  Hiring Services

ü  Business Services

ü  Property Management, Auctioneering, Real Estate and Valuers

ü  Project Management

ü  Management

ü  Cleaning Services

ü  Postal Services

ü  Event Management

ü  Labour Relations

ü  Labour Recruitment

ü  Contact Centres and Business Process Outsourcing

ü  Quality Management

ü  Payroll Services

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