What is an Internship?

An internship is a programme for candidates who have completed their training and still lack the workplace experience before they can be employed.

Who can participate?

Unemployed graduates who have a qualification can participate. The qualification must be in line with Services SETA primary focus qualifications.

How long does it take to complete a Learnership?

An Internship is a 6 month process.

What are the benefits of an Internship?

  • You will gain work experience that will improve your chances of getting work.
  • You gain links with the employment network, increasing your chances to find work.
  • You can earn a promotion or be redeployed into a more satisfying job.

What are the entry requirements?

The candidate must have a recognised qualification.

What is required from learners in an Internship?

You need to sign a Services Seta enrolment form. The enrolment form is signed by yourself and the employer.

Responsibility of Learners

  • Work for the employer in order to gain workplace experience, but the work must be relevant to the specific qualification
  • Be available for and participate in all learning and work experience required
  • Comply with workplace policies and procedures
  • Complete any timesheets or any tools supplied by the employer to record relevant workplace experience

Rights of Learners

  • To receive workplace in a suitable and accessible environment
  • Not to be discriminated against
  • To be treated in a dignified manner
  • To have access to the required resources
  • To raise grievances in writing with the SETA concerning any shortcomings in the training
  • To be represented if subjected to a disciplinary action

How can you apply?

Interested candidates who want to participate in the Internship programme can forward their CV’s to our respective regional offices. When allocations are granted to employer Services SETA will forward the database for employers to select, interview and recruit learners.