Chambers Profile

In accordance with Skills Development Act 97 of 1998 Section 12 (1-4), SETA’s may, with the approval of the minister establish, Chambers in their sectors. The Chambers must perform those functions of the SETA delegated to them by the Accounting Authority as per the constitution of the SETA’s. The Services SETA Accounting Authority identified the need to establish Chamber Committees as part of its structure.  


The Chambers of the Services SETA comprise of seventy (70) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that are clustered into sixteen (16) sub-sectors, which are further grouped into the following six (6) Chambers:  


1.    Cleaning and Hiring Services,

2.    Communication and Marketing Services,

3.    Labour and Collective Services,

4.    Management and Business Services,

5.    Personal Care Services, and

6.    Real Estate and Related Services.


The Chambers play a critical role in the functioning of the SETA and their strategic areas are to:

  • Identify the Skills shortages in the sub-sectors
  • Liaise with employers and support the agenda of up skilling the workforce in the sector
  • Support, facilitate and promote the quality of occupational learning in the sector
  • Promote effective communication between and participation by bodies involved in Skills Development 
  • Promote the development of skills aimed at self-employment
  • Support skills development in the informal sector, cooperatives and other income generating initiatives for the unemployed

Cleaning & Hiring Services ​​Communication & Marketing Services ​​Labour & Collective Services

Chamber Manager: Lerato Mbonani     

Tel: +27 11 276 9684


Chamber Manager: Joelyga Lawrence

Tel: +27 11 276 9761


Chamber Manager: Rahab Zulu        

Tel: +27 11 276 9689​



Management & Business Services Personal Care Services​ ​​Real Estate & Related Services

Chamber Manager: Vasen Ganasen

Tel: +27 11 276 9732


Chamber Manager: Nomfezeko Vendle 

Tel: +27 11 276 9637


Chamber Manager: Vasen Ganasen

Tel: +27 11 276 9732



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